Do you dread shower time because it is a major ordeal to get in and out of the tub?
Have you seen commercials for large expensive bathtubs that open on the side so you can just walk right in?

We have just the solution for you!

The easy-entry shower conversion - Bathtub Refinishers - Chico, Redding, and Yuba City, CA

While these tubs you see on T.V. are nice they are by far too expensive. Bathtub Refinishers has come up with a solution just for you. You don't have to dread shower time anymore with our new easy entry shower conversion.

Our new easy entry shower conversion solves your problem at just a small fraction of the cost. Having trouble getting in and out of the shower safely is important. We've got you covered. Leave it to bathtub Refinishers. With our new easy entry shower conversion, shower time won't be such a hassle any more. In no time at all you will be getting in and out of your shower in a snap.

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